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PLAN2LEADTMLLC is all about treating each client as an individual with specific unique needs! We don't believe in the "one size fits all" cookie- cutter solution. Our philosophy: To effectively LISTEN to our clients and potential clients, meet their needs, while exceeding their expectations. Effective planning SAVES you time, money and anxiety, providing you peace of mind.

We have lots to offer you. Our services include:

Leadership Training (From soup to nuts): We run professional programs, and design ongoing programs that train leaders effectively. In our over three decades of experience, we have successfully qualified, trained and consulted to thousands of leaders, potential leaders and organizations, while providing utmost confidentiality. Leadership is NOT just about technical knowledge, but we also emphasize the attitude, commitment and integrity required of great leaders. With an extensive background in the financial services industry, we are uniquely qualified to guide you on budget/ financial analysis
​creation and utilization.

Event Planning: All aspects of event planning, including budget assistance and review, professional negotiations, organization, marketing and promotion, as well as operation and oversight. We offer a variety of Event Management packages, from comprehensive to a la carte. With over 30 years in the industry, we are able to offer experience, expertise, and insight to help you optimize results, within the affordable range of your budget. As with all we do, we customize to our specific client's needs.How are we different from others- We GUARANTEE to save you money and aggravation.

Seminars, Speeches, and Programs: Interactive programs, ranging from 1 hour to multi-day on a variety of topics, including: sales training; leadership, customer service; attitude adjustment, self- improvement/ self- help, as well as technical programs on event management and budget/ finance. Our programs are informative, innovative and entertaining. 

Board Training ProgramsTo assure maximum preparation and achieve optimal results, including: teaching Board members how to be better at what they do, as well as what is expected of them. Need Strategic Planning BUT you think you can't afford what others charge? DISCOVER the PLAN2LEADTM alternative empowering you to greater heights!

Comprehensive Planning For All Occasions And Needs: Whether your organization needs strategic planning, or merely annual reviews and assistance, PLAN2LEADTM, LLC, is the one for you!


How are we different from all the others?

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