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PLAN2LEADRLLC is proud of what others have said about us, either in articles, letters to us, recommendations or in other forms. We encourage you to review these comments on this page, as well as on the News and Reviews page of this website:
I had the pleasure of working with Richard Brody on a convention in 2010. Being a new convention manager and in charge of the biggest group of the year, I was a little nervous. Richard worked endlessly, walking me through every detail - and backup plan - of the entire ten day conference. Without a doubt, the conference would not have run so smoothly if he had not been such a wonderful liaison between myself and the group. His knowledge, guidance and attention to detail were the reason the conference was a success. In the end, he did not take the credit for all the time and effort he put into the conference - rather, he praised myself and our staff for the success. I am forever grateful to him for his guidance through my first large convention!

Thank you, Richard!!!


Liz Holman
Convention Services Manager
Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa and Marina

In today’s world it is so refreshing to find an individual who not only has the skills but can deliver what is promised; that is Richard Brody; he definitely walks his talk! Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with Richard in variety of settings and themes. I’ve watched Richard negotiate contracts with major hotels for week long professional conventions on the east and west coast. In all cases, both client and the hotel came out winners; that is pretty special! As a meeting planner he has put together budgets which were always realistic and practical but at the same time allowed the organizations involved to shine with its attendees. Attendees always felt they were getting a bang for their dollar. Trust is a very valuable commodity and one of the major ingredients in Richard’s makeup is integrity/trust. 

  In addition to my exposure with Richard on a convention level, I have dealt with him as my meeting planner. I represent a number of companies which I speak for publically around the country. Richards thoroughness and integrity have created such a level of confidence that all I have to do is call him, tell him the city, date and number of attendees expected – done! I just have to show up and do my presentation; no micro managing necessary. 

 Michael Kampel, DMD
 Past Int'l. President- Alpha Omega
 Convention Representative
 Speaker – practice management, communication     
Sedation Consultant

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