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Budget/ Financial Planning and Services
Our goal, in all the services we provide, is to make our clients feel more safe and secure, knowing they can rely on us with the confidence that we can help them help themselves. We provide many finance- related services to our clients, including:

1. Budget assistance, creation and utilization: Budgets can either be one of the most valuable tools an organization has, or a waste of time. Properly designed budgets help organizations prioritize their needs, properly prepare, remain fiscally strong and stable, and proceed in their planning with confidence. Richard Brody has an extensive background in the financial services industry, and has prepared hundreds of budgets for corporations, organizations and individuals over the last 30+ years. It is important for an organization's Board and Officers, as well as paid staff, to better understand the ramifications and needs, from a financial point of view, and what the alternatives available are.

2. Financial Planning, including understanding options and alternatives, insurance analysis, financial terms, investment analysis, etc. Many organizations either over- pay in certain areas, or are overly exposed because of insufficient coverage. Mr. Brody will explain how you and your organization can create a more financially stable and secure environment.

3. Full Financial Advice and Consulting- With a background in the investments and insurance industries for many years, as a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson (in New York State), and with decades of experience and expertise in financial areas, Richard Brody offers you and your organization a unique combination offered by few others.
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